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Who would have guessed.... Yes, I do spend 24/7 on LinkedIn and no, I couldn’t imagine a world without it anymore.

Whilst it is part of my job to engage with a lot of people (and we know: the more the merrier), it is also provides me with a great platform to build my Personal Brand which in return builds my credibility and with that, my business.

My personal journey was from zero active to non-stop active user as I could quickly see how it can benefit my growth.

But with saying that, I remembered how hard it was to actually get started with it – what content to post, how to connect with someone without being seen as stalker, how to deal with negative feedback … and the list goes on and on and on ...

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Here is the thing:


Social Media platforms like LinkedIn are

just another way of networking.


Only difference is that it is a ‘one to many platform’ instead of a one to one or one to few.

This of course means you can connect with a much larger audience in shorter time than you would ever be able to do in person.




We are moving into a service based industry where it all comes down to our reputation as we get googled and ‘researched’ before we are meeting someone in person and have already an image associated with us without our active contribution.


Having a strong, authentic and engaging online presence is not a nice to have but a must have.



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Hence for the month of September, we partnered up with an expert in that field who shared with us some golden nuggets when it comes to online networking and using platforms like LinkedIn to progress in your career and your business – Kylie Chown.


Since LinkedIn was launched in 2003, it since then has grown to the largest professional network with

  • 500 million users from
  • 200 countries and
  • 106 million visit the site monthly.

LinkedIn’s goal is to have 3 billion and with 15 acquisitions in the last 5 years it certainly is on the tight track.

So the question is how to get in and amongst it and make the most of it to get ahead – personally and professionally.



Kylie Chown believes that you can still succeed in your Career - as entrepreneur or employee when you are not on LinkedIn but there are particular industries and sectors where LinkedIn can have a strong, positive impact on your success.


So why not use an opportunity to leverage LinkedIn to grow your career or business if you can?


One of the most common questions on LinkedIn is ‘how to use it’.

Here is the thing: LinkedIn is no different to real life, you really need to treat everybody the same, just talk to people, you know and engage with them (on LinkedIn you might share a status, like or comment).


It is also about sharing the small talk, acknowledge others success, keep track of others career changes, remind people what you do and engage with the people you know – just like you would in a ‘real-world’ networking event.


Treat people like people. Imagine you’re with them and act just the same whether it’s on LinkedIn or in real life – there is no difference, same people, same interactions – just more efficient and, if done well, more success.


However ....


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As much as we think we own our profiles, this is far away from the truth.

It is important to realize that social profiles are a rented property and LinkedIn & Co own your data.


And given all of their algorithms is changing all the time, most recently LinkedIn’s interface got a make over with some new features but also a lot of reductions, it is key to have a strategy in place that moves your audience into your own process and own properties like a website etc.


Kylie is currently keeping an eye on a couple of big things on LinkedIn:

 (1)  Video and (2) paid ad’s.

Given 80% of content will be in form of videos across the board, video doesn’t stop for LinkedIn either and with it’s recent launch of the video function, we better get comfortable on camera and get on it if we don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be seen.


Paid ads is the other area to watch. They are sponsored ads that appear native in users’ newsfeed.

They are generous real-estate within user news feeds, appearing alongside regular posts by a person’s connections and granting businesses far more control over their content. It can be a highly targeted marketing campaign with a spot on audience if you know how to do it properly.


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As always, we also put Kylie on the hot seat and challenged her with a rapid fire interview - Short. Sharp. Spot on.


Best headline you have ever seen?

I think that a great headline is one that I can read and it gives me a really great idea about who you are. And how you help!


When is it a good start to get onto LinkedIn? Already as Student or when you’re already working professional?


As a student. Because you will find that your LinkedIn will evolve and change as you do. If you start as a student you will have a place to connect with people in a professional capacity – so fellow students, but also people you meet when you do practical placements, or at seminars, or meet-ups.  You can also start getting some testimonials.


What are the 3 tips you would give anyone to use LinkedIn to benefit them?


1 – It’s your digital first impression. People will often “meet” you online before they meet you in person. And this becomes an anchor point for them (which is hard to move away from). Make sure it positions you for where you are now and where you want to be going.


2 – If you are using for business – have a process for moving off LinkedIn into your internal system / process. Or have a back-up. You don’t own your profile.


3 – Remember your connections are people. If you wouldn’t walk up and say it to the person – don’t send it in the LinkedIn messenger J


3 No No’s on LinkedIn?


1 – Not sending personalised requests / communication

2 – Treating it like a resume – not being future focussed.

3 – Keep it professional – don’t forgot your responsibility, and you are representing yourself or your employer


Accepting a random connection request - yes or no? 


Depends on your goals and what you want to achieve on LinkedIn. I am fairly open. But I will look at it at a case-by-case basis. Do we have mutual connections? If I am unsure sometimes I will ask.



What’s with these constant random invites to events?


I think people trying to move to fast!

So we need to remember that when we are talking to people on LinkedIn – is this what would you say in real life?

You can disconnect.


So to sum up, LinkedIn, Facebook and Co are here and they are here to stay.

Social Media has changed the way we communicate with each other and our expectations to be communicated with.

So there is no question about if we have to be on it but more so how to leverage it wisely to get the most out of it – personally & professionally.


If you need a LinkedIn Make Up or specific LinkedIn questions answered, please get in touch with Kylie.

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