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Because we love making an impaCCCt on you so you can make an impaCCCt on others!

Entrepreneur - Innovator - People Connector - Energizer Bunny

That's Petra in a nutshell. With a passion for developing products and services that make Lives easier, Petra spent 10 years in Brand and Product Marketing, developing 50+ new products in fast paced industries.

Ready for a change, Petra stepped into Recruitment and continued doing what she is best at: Delivering innovative & effective solutions that make life easier for others. She simply applied her Marketing knowledge in Talent Attraction & Retention approaches and got great results - for her and for her clients.

Experiencing herself how daunting it can be to start with new approaches and using Social Media full stop, Petra now has developed a systematic approach and teamed up with Specialists to help companies and individual leaders (to be) taking out the guesswork of Personal and Employer Branding in 2017 and beyond to make Digital and Social engagement easy.

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Because Petra can never say No to a Long Black (or Workout) - Your Choice!

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