1:1 Career Coaching

1:1 Career Coaching


Career Coaching

You like your job but you don't love it. You like aspects of it but not excited to jump out of bed. You have a vague idea of what you are good at but don't feel you use your full potential? 

During your 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions we’ll assess your current Status Quo, what you like doing and what not so much and the exact strategies and steps that you can take to get the career your want.

By the end of your sessions, you will feel inspired and motivated, with the actionable steps you need to take to build your dream career.


  • Pre-Session review of your career history, online & social profiles
  • 60-minutes strategy career coaching session via Skype or In-Person (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Follow-up email with summary of the session + actionable plan with steps to build your desired career in PDF
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