impaCCCt Personal Branding

Go from feeling

  • Anxious about having worked hard to get where you are now, only to realise it's not 'the right one'

  • Reluctant to make action, because you’ve invested not just a fortune into your education but also years to gain the experience and level you are in now. Yet you know are not where you want to be and no idea what to do next. Worse- you have no idea how to use what you have and pivot to where you want to be without starting from scratch

To having

  • A clear and distinct knowledge of the value you can bring, your skills, and your potential areas of commercializing these

  • A confident disposition in making the necessary actions to create the career aligned with who you are and what you value most

From being

  • Overlooked for promotion, credit, and recognition, despite being the one with the grand ideas and the one who brings in the results.

  • Unable to clearly express what you can do, when knowing you still have so much to offer.

  • The one who wants a bigger career but the gap between your now and your then is daunting and you don't know where to start

  • The one with the financial success, the position, and have achieved your ‘desired’ goal, but deep down you are aware that you are not making the impact and influence you want to make.

To becoming:

  • A recognized and well-compensated figure in your industry

  • A professional with a clear pitch and a messaging that resonates with your audience

  • Assured of your next steps, ready to be an impactful and influential person in your profession


Take control over your career and do what you are meant to, be who you want to be.

It is our mission to help you

impaCCCt Personal Branding

What our clients say

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impaCCCt coaching testimonial


We live in a very noisy World with more Competition and Transparency than ever before and simply being better is not enough anymore.

Being different is better than being better.


impaCCCt Personal Branding Petra Zink
impaCCCt Personal Branding Petra Zink

We are one of the first and few true Personal Brand Strategy Consultancies who focus on clarifying

the individual's personality, positioning and their message so they are getting recognised and visible in their specific industry or space and can make an income by making an impact.

We don’t teach you how to 'sell' yourself or become an 'influencer' who wants to be insta-famous.

We teach you how to create a brand so strong that people call you as Go-To- Person in your space.

Our Method

We don't just ask questions and listen. 

We provide space for you to look at your situation differently by challenging your beliefs and views of this world.

You will also review and optimise all aspects of your life because if you want to perform at your highest level, everything needs to be primed for it and aligned. 

On top, in this program you will also learn hands on how to market yourself and optimise your online presence through practical Training so you stand out for the right reasons!


impaCCCt Personal Branding Blueprint

impaCCCt Personal Branding


Over 8-weeks, we’ll work on clarifying what makes you exceptional, the potential areas where you can make the biggest impact, what's been holding you back, and how you can communicate your new brand with a strong and compelling message, such as a LinkedIn profile overhaul and your custom Personal Brand Pitch.

impaCCCt Personal Branding

This package is focused on content management, if you already have a clarified positioning and messaging.

You can choose between:

Package 1 Production + Training or

Package 2 Production + Training + Coaching

impaCCCt Personal Branding
impaCCCt Personal Branding

This package is a combination of branding and marketing, with a duration of approximately 16 weeks. We’ll work closely together from clarification stage to content management, to achieve our targeted goals and more beyond that.

This is perfect for professionals who are deeply invested in taking complete and total control of their career…and life.

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