Depending on Your Budget, Timeframe and Resources, we provide Solutions for You to get Results. The Packages below are our Recommendations but we are happy to provide tailored Solutions.                  

To guarantee the Best Results & Outcome, our Approach is based on a long-term Partnership so we can get to know You and Your Business well and continue to deliver impaCCCtful Strategies.


KickStarter Package impaCCCt

Kick Starter package - 3 months

Perfect for Companies with well established and functioning Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies but want to get started with Social Media.

What you will get in the 3 Months, is not just monthly Face to Face Support where we knot out your Goals and Hurdles but also present a Strategy that contains the current Status in terms of your Online Presence - in particular for your Talent Approach, as well as a Reputation Check.  

Results and Recommendations on your Social Recruiting Campaigns will finish off the Package.

To get you started, you will be equipped with a Workforce Plan, Target Talent Persona as well as creative ready to use Templates you can amend for various purposes on Social Channels.

Want more detailed Information of what's included? Download the Package below:


Perfect for Companies with well-established Processes that may be a bit outdated and want a new and fresh Approach for Talent Acquisition and Retention or when entering a new Candidate Market.

In addition to the Basics from the KickStarter Package, you will also get a more holistic Review and Analysis of your Competitors and SWOT's of your Business.

Over the 6 Months we will also train your Team up to use Social Media more effectively and efficiently for Talent Attraction & Retention and provide not only a Policy and Templates but also Hands On Training.

To make a bigger impaCCCt and as we know that your Employees are your best Brand Ambassadors, we also get your broader Team involved. This Package also includes Half Day Workshops around Personal Branding and using Social Media to profile what you and your Team is all about in an authentic Way. 

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Premium Pack.png



Perfect for either Start Ups without an Employer Value Proposition or any Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies or for established Companies whose traditional Processes don’t get the Results anymore and need a Refresh.

This Package has it all - from a thorough Status Quo Analysis across your own Business, the Market, your Competitors, your SWOT's as well as your Marketing & Communication Assets to a holistic Strategy across Online & Offline Channels, an Affiliate/Partner as well as Retention Program.

In addition to ready to use Templates for Social Media, this Package also includes Workshops and onsite Training for your Recruitment Team as well as your broader Staff so everyone is comfortable with using Social Media for Personal and Employer Branding Purposes.

Want more detailed Information of what's included? Download the Package below:

Additional services - pick and choose | One off or ongoing

  • Content Creation & Management:
    • Blogging for Website
    • Social Media:
      • Set Up of Channels
      • Profile Statements
      • Posts
    • PR


  • Design & Creative: 
    • Development of a new Creative Approach for a Re(Defined) Employer Branding Strategy
    • Company Video


  • Workshops:
    • Personal Branding
    • Social Media - in general or for selected Channels
    • Styling & Personal Presentation
    • Convincing Communication - Online & Offline
    • Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibilty 

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