Keeping up to Date with the Latest and Greatest - not just in the Industry but with Marketing, Social Media and Talent Management is a Full-Time Job by itself. We make it easy for you and your Team to stay on top of the Game and offer Solutions that fits your Budget, Requirement and Timeframe.

We offer tailored Training & Workshops specifically for your Team and Requirements as well as general MeetUps & Master Classes. Check out what's coming up HERE


Educate | Inspire | Motivate

Whether you are looking to up-skill your Team with certain Skill Sets, empower them by discovering new Techniques that help them to do their job better and more effective or motive them with inspiring Guest Speakers & Trainers showing Best Practices - we got you covered.  

Choose of a Range of Topics and Formats, mix and match or get in touch for building your own Package.

Group Workshops | One on One Coaching | half day & full day & hourly consultation | Ongoing or one off


The Workshops, Training and Coaching we are currently offering are perfect for HR & Recruitment Professionals and Senior (Line) Managers as well as Executives, Small- Mid Sized Company Owners who want to learn how to get the Most of their Personal and Employer Brand to grow their Teams and Business.

  • Social Media for Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding: 
    • Basics | Refresher | Advanced
  • Content Creation & Management for Social Media that engages and converts
  • Perfect Interview Techniques that get you the ideal Digital/Marketing & Tech Talent
  • Personal Branding
  • Confident and Convincing Communication - Online & Offline
  • TimeSmart - Productivity through Technology
  • Dress for success - Personal Styling and Image Consulting
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Group Workshops

Bring some Inspiration & Motivation to your Team with one of our energising Experts. The Group Workshops are specifically designed for your Industry and Requirements and are perfect to bring some fresh Thinking to your Team and their Approach, and show Best Practises and Examples that can be implemented straight away.

Social Media for Recruitment Marketing & employer branding

Ideal for Companies who know being on Social Media is critical to Attract, Engage and Retain the Best Talent but don't know where to start, need a Refresher and some new Ideas to optimise their Campaigns or want to take it to the next Level and perfection a particular Channel.

Our Specialities:

  • Develop a Compelling Social Media Strategy across:
    • Facebook (Groups, Pages, Messenger, Advertising)
    • Instagram (Personal and Business Accounts)
    • LinkedIn (LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, Groups)
    • Twitter
  • How to create and post Stand Out Job Boards

Compelling Content Creation & Management - for social media

Ideal for Teams who want to get some fresh Ideas, Tips, Trick and Tools to create and manage Content that engages with your Ideal Target Group. 

Our Specialities:

  • Define your Ideal Talent Target Group
  • Develop a Social Media Plan
  • Identify Relevant Influencers, Resources and Keywords
  • Creative Creation Tools (Mobile and Desktop Apps)
  • Scheduling Tools (Hootsuite, Buffer, Planoly)
  • Tracking, Analytics and Measuring Success

Proven & Innovative Interview Techniques that gets you your ideal talent

Ideal for Companies who are fairly new to Digital & Technology or need to grow their Team in new Areas but don't know the In's and Out's of what a Good Candidate Looks Like in that Space. We give you some tested and proven Interview Techniques that you can use straight away to identify the Cream of the Crop. 

Our Specialities:

  • Software Developers & Engineers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Designer & Creatives
  • Data Analysts & Scientists 
  • Project | Program & Product Managers

TimeSmart - productivity through technology

Ideal for Teams who think 24h in a Day are never enough, constantly have to work under tight Deadlines, have to manage multiple Projects at once, dealing with a range of different Stakeholders at the same Time and using way too many Tools, Apps and Programs to get everything done.

Our Specialities:

  • Do more with Less
  • Learn how to Do, Delegate, Delay or Dump Tasks
  • Manage your Inbox and keep your unread messages low
  • Prioritise Tasks effectively

One on one | Small Group coaching

Whether you or your Staff just need a Refresher, some Inspiration in a particular Area, struggle with one particular Problem or can't waste Time to learn the Ropes in an Area yourself, we provide Individual Coaching that unlocks Blocks, gives you tailored Solutions straight away and can be done once off or an ongoing.

Personal Branding 

Ideal for Industries where the Personality - from Presentation, Image, Interaction and Connection is Key to Success: 

  • Recruitment
  • Consulting, Coaching & Training
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Training

Our Specialities:

  • Defining your Personal Brand (Values, Statement)
  • SWOT Analysis 
  • Confident Communication & Presentation
  • Communications Strategy to optimise your Brand - Online & Offline

Confident and convincing communication

Ideal for Companies who want to empower their Staff to become a stronger and more confident Communicator, Presenter, Negotiator or Manager. You will learn what it takes to get your Message across in a convincing, compelling and converting Way - online and offline. Learn small but effective Tricks that immediately make a Difference in your Communication.

Our Specialities:

  • How to Structure your Message (Presentation, Email, Social Media Posts, One on One Conversations)
  • Power Phrases that Attracts & Convert
  • Confident Presentation using Body Language
  • How to deal with difficult Stakeholders

Dress for success - Personal Styling and Image Consulting

Ideal for Teams who constantly present themselves - either in front of Peers, Clients or Suppliers. 

Discover your individual Style that matches your Personality, makes you feel more attractive and confident and learn how to choose your Colours, Cut and Shapes to make dressing fun again.

Our Specialities:

  • Identifying your authentic style across:
    • Colours to match your Personality and Type
    • Shapes that suit your body and lifestyle
    • Best cuts for cloths so that they fall perfectly on your body
    • Accessorising + Layering
  • Wardrobe detoxing + organisation
  • Art of strategic shopping