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Workforce & Employment in 2020 

Studies suggest that by 2020, that half of the Workforce will be Millennials, more People will exit full-time Work than enter, 1/3 of the entire Workforce will be work part-time, casually or remote. Get more Fact,s Figures and Stats with this handy Guide.


Talent Persona Check list

                                                                         In order to develop and implement an effective and compelling talent Attraction & Retention Strategy, you need to know how you actually want to target and who the message is for. This Check List will help you identifying your ideal Talent Group.

Multi-Channel Marketing Checklist impaCCCt.png

Multi-Channel Marketing Check List

You don't need to be on all Channels but you need to be on relevant ones so that your (future) Talents can find you. Given 12-18 different Resources are considered before even applying, having a good multi-channel Marketing Mix is important.