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Shared Economy - Time Bomb for traditional ways of working

  • Metropole Eatery 180 Ann Street Brisbane City, QLD, 4000 Australia (map)

Technology has changed the way we live, work and travel and with that, they way we consume. It doesn't come as surprise that this also effects the economy and with more access to a wider network, their expertise and products than ever before, the popular uptake of Uber & Co is just the beginning of the shared economy model. 

Why? Because Digital Platforms make it easy these days to connect and exchange knowledge, services and products with anyone at any time and from anywhere in this world.

One of the secrets to success for Uber, Air BnB & Co is that they introduced the concept of people using their personal assets/service/products to earn extra cash. It empowers people to work on their own time, for as little or as long as they wanted, so they could decide what they earned by how often they want to drive or host people. 


Economic Benefits of Sharing Economy
From houses, hotels, apartments and cars to bicycles, sharing sites have become increasingly popular, allowing individuals to gain value from services or products, simply by leveraging communities as a commodity. 

Facebook did (and does) this very well by being the world’s most formidable publisher, without ever creating any content – instead relying on their (huge) community to provide it. 

But what if there is a new way of exchanging services, goods and knowledge? Like one that is for free for users, one that is geo-targeted and one that works in real time?

WorkApp is doing exactly that: it combines the most commonly used App functions into one simple and free application for businesses, individuals and community for them to engage, exchange and interact with each other.

Of course new platforms like these and changes in economy models raise the questions of: 
- How relevant is formal education especially when the jobs we do now won't exist in another 5-10 years? 
- How to stay relevant in a changed economic world where technology is taking over repetitive tasks and makes jobs and skill sets redundant that don't require any human traits?

These and more questions will be answered by Shane Wallace, CEO and co-founder of WorkApp. Shane is a prime example of establishing a successful career in an unconventional way, one he could have never prepare for: 

Shane never had a computer in his life, nor an email address, leave alone apps. The first app he ever downloaded was his own, on a smart phone he never had before this event either. 
Shane's secret to success in this ever changing world is embracing entrepreneurship and combine innovative thinking with technology to enable himself and more importantly others opportunities to make money without having to rely on others.

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