Let’s get up close and personal!


"I believe in challenging the Status Quo and I'm fascinated by Strategies and Tactics for navigating Change in our rapidly-evolving Economy."


It all started when…

... I progressed in my Career - first in Corporate Marketing, then in Recruitment - that, a few Months in, I would realise that only a Fraction of my Strengths and Skills were actually utilised in the Role, so I pivoted and started to create my own Career - first inside Organisations and down the track, within new Industries. 


When I changed Profession and pivoted into Recruitment, I realised that my Point of Difference was helping Individuals and Companies:


Creating Opportunities that align Passion with Profit and Performance



My Motto:

"The secret of change is not by focusing on fighting the old;

but on building the new.” 


This is why we help high performing individuals and teams to not only react to change but initiate change on their terms that puts them in the driver’s seat and with that, in control over their own success.


Still here and want to know more?

Then sit back and get to know me in a different angle!

Most days you can find me connecting with people in all shapes or forms - may it be at speaking engagements, in 1:1 coaching sessions, when I deliver workshops or host events, moderate panel discussions or participate in webinars or podcasts,

When I am not speaking somewhere, you can find me either working behind my computer screen with a long black, at the gym (but you need to be an early bird to catch me - my days start at 3.30/3.45am and I hit the gym just around 4am) or walking with my partner and Potsie (also called the big one since he is a 75kg heavy Great Dane) somewhere in nature.

I’m mostly known for never standing still and always have something on the go. My obsession with early mornings might already be a cue that I think life is too exciting to sleep in …

People often refer to me as the most untypical Austrian who has energy to burn and always has a smile on her face which is addictive (and if not, my wisdom bombs which are usually a mix up of German and English words and phrases, sure will).

The things that I’m most passionate in life are promoting ownership and taking responsibility over your own career, life and happiness, helping ambitious people to learn how to be in their flow zone, create a career where they perform at their personal best that is sustainable and loving life whilst getting paid well for it. 

As a Consultant & Coach on all things Personal & Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention I have had not only the pleasure to work with many top companies and their leaders but also got featured in various publications, incl Marie Claire, hashtagHR, the Business Women Media, spoke at leading conferences like Disrupt HR, Australian HR Summit, genYou events.

It’s possibly because I’m so excited about all things Personal and Employer Branding, the future of work and careers that it’s hard for me to shut up …