"I believe in challenging the Status Quo and I'm fascinated by Strategies and Tactics for navigating Change in our rapidly-evolving Economy."


It all started when…

... I progressed in my Career - first in Corporate Marketing, then in Recruitment - that, a few Months in, I would realise that only a Fraction of my Strengths and Skills were actually utilised in the Role, so I pivoted and started to create my own Career - first inside Organisations and down the track, within new Industries. 


When I changed Profession and pivoted into Recruitment, I realised that my Point of Difference was helping Individuals and Companies:


Creating Opportunities that align Passion with Profit and Performance



My Motto: "The Secret of Change is not by focusing on fighting the Old; but on building the New.” 


This is why we partner up with forward-thinking Companies and their Teams to not only react to Change but create Change for the better.